Here are just a few tips for you to assist with your event experience:

How do I view the Simulcast?
Viewing the Simulcast takes place in the browser. This means the Simulcast is compatible with most major browsers on most major operating systems. We recommend upgrading your browser whenever possible. Please make sure to enable cookies and turn off pop-up blocker when viewing the event.

Does my browser require any plug-ins?
Always use the latest version of Adobe Flash. Check your version of Adobe Flash (and upgrade if necessary) here.

We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Java, click here.

I see the video, but it’s seems to be inconsistent. It starts, then stops.
Turn off any high bandwidth applications. Things like Dropbox and video uploads can affect your ability to view the stream clearly if you’re using the Internet heavily elsewhere.

I’ve restarted my browser, but am still having intermittent connection issues.
By default, our system defaults to the hight quality stream. You can change the stream to low quality by clicking on quality in the lower right area of the video player, and selecting low.

I can see the video, but I’m not getting any audio.
Check your volume settings on your computer, and turn up the volume. Sometimes mute can be pressed by accident.

What kind of Internet connection do I need to view the Simulcast?
We recommend viewing the event from a wired connection with a download bandwidth of at least 700Kbps. To test your speed, go to SpeedTest.net.

How do I watch in full screen?
Move your mouse over the Player and click the “Full” button to enter Full Screen mode.

Can I view the Simulcast on a mobile device?
You can view the Simulcast from many mobile devices. Connect via WiFi if possible.

How do I participate in chat?
Click on the yellow “Join the Event” button to enter chat. Type in your first message and then complete your personal information:

We recommend you enter your full name to get the most out of the chat experience.

How do I change my name and/or picture in chat?
Click on the menu button, the three lines just below where you type. Next, click on “update name & avatar”.

Here you will be able to change your name and upload an image from your computer.