You Can Have a Business That Serves YOU…
Supercharge Your Impact and Increase Your Income,
While Working Part-Time Hours!

Join Us at 6-Figure University!

A comprehensive and focused "higher education" for mission-driven entrepreneurs who want a business that serves them, not owns them – carefully designed to provide the strategy, support, and encouragement you need to build your business your own way.

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Finally – enjoy the life you are meant to have!

If you're ready to…

  • Master the art of balancing your head and heart, strategy and spirit, with the Four Pillars of my Peaceful Prosperity Practices™ – so you maximize your income and impact…
  • Get support exactly when you need it – on your schedule – so you can keep moving forward regardless of any obstacles that pop up in your way…
  • Clarify your marketing messages and articulate the outcomes with conviction, so you easily attract tons of your Ideal Clients who can’t wait to invest in themselves with you…
  • Develop a system for selling your services that fits your personality, honors both you and your prospects, and gets fantastic results…
  • Package your genius into high-end group programs, so you impact more people, faster than ever before – while transforming their results (and your own!)
  • Become a sought after speaker and generate dozens of highly qualified prospects wanting to know more about you and your programs…
  • Make a greater difference in the world by reaching more people with your message, more effectively than you ever thought possible…

…and you want deep-dive training, private coaching, masterminding, in-person training events, accountability, community, constant encouragement and more…

Then I invite you to apply to join 6-Figure University!

The core belief of 6-Figure U: If you consciously choose, it is possible to have significant financial abundance while working part-time. Whatever vision of freedom you first saw when you chose to enter the roller-coaster world of being your own boss, we're here to help you see it through with ease and grace.

We have combined Deep Dive Training with these crucial elements to ensure business owners stay ON course and OUT of their own way!


At 6-Figure U, you’ll participate in structured courses taught live, online and via self-study.

Check out this overview of the topics we cover in our “Deep Dive” 7-Week interactive courses. (Plus, you get to decide which training you need and when!) And if you're not sure which training you need, you can talk to a Juicy Coach to see if the program is a fit and chart out your very own Part-Time Profit Plan! Just fill in the form below to get started!


Our Expert Faculty are all practicing exactly what they are teaching. This is not dry, unproven classroom theory – this is real-life, practical business know-how that works! We’ll give you EVERYTHING you need to build your business YOUR way – the information, education, individualized attention, networking, AND support and guidance.


The staff and faculty of 6-Figure University is committed to supporting and leading you to the business of your dreams, as peacefully as possible. In fact, the central element of 6-Figure U is Peaceful Prosperity™: the ability to balance your head and your heart, your strategy and your spirit… so that your business gives you the joy, freedom and success you envisioned for yourself. It’s about maximizing both inner and outer alignment, and combining logic with intuition, to amplify your income and impact.


Since working with Lisa, my income has tripled…

Shalini YamdagniI wasn't looking for Lisa, but I heard her on a blog talk radio…and her message spoke to me. Since working with Lisa, my income has tripled…one of the biggest benefits of working with Lisa is all this free time I now have and I am making a lot more money.

—Shalini Yamdagni

So what should your next steps be?

Admission to 6-Figure University and Lisa’s Inner Circle is determined by an application process.

On the next page, you will be able choose between 3 things:

1) Download a PDF document containing ALL the juicy details about the program, including payment plan options.

2) Request a session with a Juicy Coach for an, “Is This For Me?” conversation to explore if 6-Figure University or Inner Circle are a fit. (You will get value, even if it’s determined to not be a match. This is 100% a “no pressure” consultation.)

3) Fill out an online application. This will show your interest and get you set up to talk to a Juicy Coach for a Confirmation Conversation so you get your questions answered before any financial commitment is made. The application is designed to help both of us know if the program is right for you, and the questions will also reveal what might be missing in your business right now.

Not everyone who submits an application will be offered membership into 6-Figure University. Your Juicy Coach will review your application and map out a personalized Part-Time Profit Plan™. Together you and your coach will decide if 6-Figure University is the right solution to get you there.

Enter your contact info below to get the full program details
in a downloadable PDF document or to request a conversation.

Watch this video (and learn lessons)
from our Client Success Stories!

The 6-Figure University campus features two levels of participation.  The majority of memberships available are in the 6-Figure U Main Campus while a small elite group can be a part of my 6-Figure U Inner Circle.

The Main Campus of 6-Figure University is for new or established businesses wanting a Part-Time Profit Path™ makeover.  You can be a new coach just getting started or a seasoned consultant looking to stop trading hours for dollars or to offer a new category of product or service. Or, you may be in a category in between.


Lisa’s Inner Circle, limited to 10 members, and currently only has 3 openings. This is for you if:

  • You already know what your thing is and are making good money with it (or have in the past) And you are ready to leap to multiple 6-Figure or 7-Figure working part-time!
  • This level is the only one that includes intensive coaching with me, and currently, we have spots available for 4 new members. If you feel like this where you belong, please fill out the application to request an interview. If it’s a fit, we will contact you to schedule an interview with Yours Truly.

The belief that she has in me has allowed me to move forward and continue.

Jane GareeI really connected with Lisa's energy. She felt very authentic and she felt very sincere. I knew she was really smart and she is a lot of fun to spend time with and she really knows her stuff. I have seen AMAZING results in my business! You can't really underestimate the power of having somebody who has 'been there' believing in you. The belief that she has in me has allowed me to move forward and continue.

—Jane Garee

This is your opportunity to put yourself first – so your business SERVES you, instead of OWNING you.

To see if 6-Figure University is right for you, just enter in your name and email below. You will also get access to the full program details in a downloadable PDF document.

Will your Tomorrow be much the same as Today – feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and stuck investing all your time and energy into a business that drains you?

Or will you take control, and learn a better way by joining 6-Figure University?

You'll get training, support, accountability – and LOVE. You'll have access to coaching from our professors, along with a campus book store supplying our recommended resources: books, audios, videos and more. (And don’t forget, you’ll even get the opportunity to hang out and collaborate with other students and the faculty, in the online community group.)

Joining 6-Figure University will be the best investment you've ever made in yourself and your business –
we'll make sure of it!

To your 6-Figure Success,
Lisa Cherney
Lisa Cherney
President of 6-Figure University
and The Inner Circle Mentorship Program

P.S. Your support network is waiting… let us help you create the business of your dreams, so you can enjoy your life again!

P.P.S. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Now I have more freedom – time, creativity and financial freedom!
NadineThe in-person 6-Figure University Lab was life altering for me in multiple ways. Afterwards, I got to say yes to two opportunities that fit my marketing sweet spot! Somehow I always knew I had it in me to be successful in my own business and now I really KNOW I am successful and will continue to be. I have so much freedom now – time freedom, creative freedom and financial freedom. I feel stronger right to my feet, that’s the inner knowing is hard wired in now. Thank you for who you are and what you do. You have changed my life and I’m grateful.

Nadine Nicholson
The Self Leadership Expert for Women in Business

My husband acknowledges the transformation of 6-Figure University
Karen After the 6-Figure University Live Lab, my husband took me aside and said he had some things he wanted to say to me. Here's what he said: "I'm so inspired by you and so proud of you for facing up to your demons and for taking action by enrolling in 6-Figure University. I can feel the change in you. It's nothing short of a transformation. I just want you know that it's having a wonderful effect on me and our son. Keep going. It's great for you and for our family." I heard those words and cried happy tears.

Karen Nagano, Artist

Lisa's 6-Figure U is the best investment I ever made!
KylaI am having such amazing life/business transforming shifts! I knew all the women leading the 6-Figure University program would have a big impact on me and my business. What is becoming clear to me is just how powerful the combination of these women AS A TEAM is for me. They all bring something different and profound. This was the best investment I've ever made – well worth the time and money invested. Thank you, everyone!

Kyla Ledlow
The Working Mom's Sanity Coach

Being in Lisa's Inner Circle is feeling like your are never alone!
DebCan I tell you how empowering it feels to know you are in my corner Lisa Cherney? Really. I hope you never underestimate the extra added value of security and confidence we get just by being in your circle. How great is it to feel like you're never alone? JUICY!

Deb Boulanger

I am so grateful for the 6-Figure University Community!
RhondaIt far exceeds a deep dive place for business resources and how-tos, but a safe place to deep dive into the emotional stories and under-pinnings on the journey of making all we do congruent with who we are. A deep bow of gratitude… Some rest in my next gentle step.
Rhonda Hull
Founder of The Center of Happiness

As a therapist, I always struggled with marketing but now I feel empowered with practical tools from 6-Figure U.
VershaI am also tapping into the “authentic me” and feel more aligned with my ideal client. The support of Lisa and the team helps me to see larger possibilities and the practical steps to take. It is educational and transformational on so many levels.

Versha Narotam
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant
Healing Pathways